Delivering innovative and continuous security services through our 'Predict. Prevent. Protect.' methodology.

The Cybersecurity Practice delivers innovative and continuous security services through our ‘Predict. Prevent. Protect.’ methodology to manage risk and improve overall security posture by elevating Cybersecurity as a core competency and Practice area for the company. KYC’s talented cybersecurity professionals specialize in areas from security operations to Cloud security, automation, risk management, and cyber defense. Our cybersecurity program management techniques employ lean, streamlined operations and provide the ability to dynamically manage competing and changing priorities in budget constrained environments.

KYC Cybersecurity Practice is defined through harnessing the power of Machine Learning and Automation, enhancing communication and workflow, saving time and money with automated security assessments, and creating a framework for continuous improvement.

Our Cybersecurity Practice strengthens our client’s security posture through the following key areas:


Our “Predict. Prevent. Protect.” Intelligence Driven Approach (AAPIDA) for next generation security operations eliminates the traditional security approach by triggering a multi-tool automated approach to communication, containment, eradication, and recovery. Our approach shifts the manual, human-based process and event analysis to machine-based intelligent automation. This reduces the response and containment times from minutes/hours to a matter of seconds.

Implementing a ChatOps platform within security operations provides a platform for conversation-driven investigation bringing together security personnel, security tools, chatbots, and incident response workflows in the same communication channel to further streamline processes and expand situational awareness.

Delivery of a dynamic “Next Generation” vision to security assessment heavily leveraging inherited/common control implementation and automated workflows for security control testing that pave the way for accelerated Authority to Operate issuance and integration as part of an Ongoing Authorization program.

Implementing the Cyber Delivery Range – a dynamic environment available to our clients for cybersecurity services such as threat intelligence, malware processing, reverse engineering, and continuous cybersecurity tool assessments.

Innovative technology meeting talented people is the crossroads of success for a cybersecurity organization. Cybersecurity is not just about the next visionary, next best tool, best leadership team, talented staff, or proper funding, it’s about a synergy of all of the above. Incidents in today’s world may be viewed as inevitable but one of the most critical decisions for an organization is not just about the security tools they have purchased and implemented but also the security personnel and services entrusted to secure the environment.