Healthcare IT & Policy

Partnering to drive high-value patient-centric, evidence driven, accessible, and affordable healthcare.

From understanding policy, to conceptualizing and implementing new models of care delivery and payment, to maximizing the use of data, to evaluation, education, training and outreach, and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse, stakeholders across healthcare are faced with a magnitude of change not seen before. 

Our Health Practice mission is to partner with government and community agencies, researchers, providers, and payers to drive high-value patient-centric, evidence driven, accessible, and affordable healthcare.

We achieve this mission by:
  • Understanding and reducing disparities
  • Improving how quality and value are measured
  • Developing and testing innovative delivery and payment models of care
  • Evaluating new treatments and therapies
  • Supporting policy development and implementation
  • Driving clinical innovations
  • Disseminating timely information, training, and outreach
  • Leveraging data to drive and understand changes through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced analytics
Healthcare ecosystem stakeholder groups include clinicians, payers, regulatory bodies, community agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and at the center of this chaotic, complex world, is the patient. Many solutions attempt to address a challenge or problem from one perspective without considering the totality of the healthcare system in which care is delivered.

Some of the challenges our clients face include:

  • Vast amounts of data exist, but healthcare — from regulators to payers to large health systems to individual providers — are challenged when it comes to maximizing the value of the data and using it to support providers delivering truly patient-centered care.
  • New models of care, new technologies, and new payment models can all increase burden on a strained healthcare system without providing the value they claim if they are not designed and implemented with all stakeholders, end-users, and recipients of care in mind.
  • Measuring quality through claims alone negates the patient’s experience of care and does not allow providers to address what is meaningful to patients. Many systems fail to capture social determinants of health, patient and family goals for care, or specific challenges that an individual may face.

As healthcare evolves, we can help your organization through implementation and transformation projects. We approach our health solutions with the complex dynamics and relationships in mind to ensure comprehensive solutions. We formulate a customized solution after assessing the existing people, processes, technology, and data. Each client has unique objectives and faces unique challenges and limitations. We present solutions that address the needs across the people, process, technology, and data aspects of your business. We achieve this through an immersive interdisciplinary team design. Our health experts team together with our experts in our other practice areas to bring you comprehensive assessments, implementation strategies and support, sustainability plans, evaluation, and maximizing the use of the data you already collect.

Healthcare is evolving. We support this evolution through continuous feedback loops facilitated through data. Our philosophy of continuous change is integrated throughout our project management and solution development and delivery to ensure we are always on target with the ever-changing and advancing field of healthcare. We assess every problem through multiple viewpoints, which enables us to bring the diverse perspectives of our immersive interdisciplinary team to develop individualized solutions for each client.

We believe in leveraging technological advances along with predictive and prescriptive analytics to support government, community agencies, providers, payers, and other healthcare stakeholders. We do this by delivering care that achieves the best outcomes, based on the individual being treated, to achieve truly patient-centric care. In this era of Big Data, our competencies enable us to understand and channel data based on the diverse needs of the customer to bring out meaningful and actionable insights that transform healthcare.

Our Health team is innovation-based and led by an interdisciplinary team of health experts, including clinicians, quality measure experts, data security experts, data scientists and engineers, and policy experts:
  • In this era, when providers, payers, and policymakers are inundated with raw data, we have the ability to collect, understand, interpret, and channel the data to derive informed, actionable insights based on the diverse needs of the customer to transform healthcare.
  • Our passion to drive innovation and change in healthcare stems from our recognition that we each have a personal stake in the outcomes as patients and health care consumers.
  • We track trends and support quality measure development and implementation and use predictive and prescriptive analytics to respond to current and emerging challenges in health service delivery, clinical care, and precision medicine.
Who We Help

We offer a diversity of experience and expertise with clients across the healthcare spectrum:

  • Department of Health and Human Services, including National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Defense Health Agency (DHA)
  • Veterans Administration (VA)
  • State Health Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Health Networks
  • Community Agencies
  • Foundations
  • Private Industry